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Stress, Anxiety, Fun stuff.

SO I have a real problem with Anxiety of stuff I can’t control-yeah, Anxiety with a flippin’ capital A. And by “stuff I can’t control” I mean crazy infectious diseases. I must be a glutton for pain because I am terrified of this crap but then I go look up every available bit about it. Somehow, I feel a bit better when I know more about it, I guess.

Today though, I was sent a what I call a an angel, blessing, a tap on the shoulder from the divine or whatever. A little ‘nod’ from God that I needn’t worry so hard about some of this stuff. That’s what I feel it was, anyhow. Er, because in the way that it happened today. I still have fear but I feel better.

I dunno though, that being said, I know I will have to deal with this for the rest of my life though. I mean, it’s not like moving to the yukon is an option. (Sorry Canada!) Diseases and crap will be around, well, forever, you know? I need a better way to deal with this issue of mine. Hey, some people have snakes, heights, taxes, or…whatever. I have infectious diseases! Ugh. Why couldn’t it be something like…like bees?

Thanks for taking a read and letting me rant, just needed to get this off my chest. Some may think it stupid but I have been losing sleep, not eating well and I think some health issues (Very minor so thankful for that!). SO tonight I am going to the local market to get Epsom salts or bubble bath, light some candles, and take a nice bath to de-stress. Then maybe some WoW. Who knows. :P

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