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foreshadowedsoul asked:

I'm sorry Isei I shouldn't have used slut to describe yrel, but you can't go around thinking male gamers are the only ones who aren't happy to see her and than insulting them for it by calling them dirty names back. As I said before I think death is a cheap way to boost a character she could have be great without anyone dying. Remember the rewrites they put her through?




It’s alright, don’t worry!

The thing I’m more curious about is that you never gave a really solid reason (in my opinion) for as to why you do not like Yrel; you just outright contacted me saying she’s a slut and that you’d rather have her die. But nothing about WHY you felt this way. I’m curious about it, though.

Death is a cop-out for character development, but in times of war, hey, death happens - happens A LOT. Often. So it’s not too surprising, especially considering Blizzard’s record, that in order to put one character in the spotlight they often have to off another. I don’t like it either. 

So, honestly, why don’t you like Yrel? So far there’s been really good positivity with her, ESPECIALLY she’s a female character in Blizzard’s world. Maybe you have an insight I haven’t noticed before.

I dunno. Blizzard are the minds behind Warcraft — that means what they say goes, whether it tickles your fancy or not. Things happen that we don’t like all the time in the real world — so why can’t things happen on Azeroth that we don’t like?

I feel like instead of being upset at Blizzard for doing something that they are entirely allowed to do because it’s their universe that we are participating in, you should consider how your character feels about these changes instead. It makes a lot more sense that your character would be the one that is upset about a change completely out of their control in the fake universe that they live in — not you, the one who is only participating in someone elses’ fantasy world.

Jesus christ, thank you AvannTeth. 

People went insane when Golga died in Gromm’s story, and people are going crazy over Yrel and Blackhand. UGH. People are being moved by these stories. GOOD. Remove your tumblr glasses and take a better look at this game. Blizzard is actually doing a really good job at story telling this time around. Good storytelling EVOKES EMOTION. People are getting angry, emotional even, about the characters dying. Good! Blizzard is doing it right!

Remember that. They’re trying to get you emotionally invested in these characters. They’re trying to get you interested in them. It’s working. People need to realize this and chill the fuck out.

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